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Window Tinting
Clear bra
ceramic coatings

 Pro series scotchguard 3M Paint Protection Film
Pack 1 (Hood, Fenders , Mirrors & Head lights)
Pack 2 (Hood , Fenders , Mirrors ,Headlights & Full front bumper)
Pack 3 (Full Hood , Full Fenders , Headlights , Front bumper, A pillars, Front end of roof
Pack 4 (Full Hood, Full Fenders, Headlights, Front bumper, A pillars, Front end of roof, Full doors, & Rear quarter panels up to body line)
Pack 5 ( Full Hood, Full Fenders, Headlights , Front bumper, A pillars, Full roof, Full doors, Full quarter panels, Full rear end
 Clear Mask removal call for pricing
door edge gaurds & cups Package

Paint Correction


Exterior Details



Additonal Services
 Headlight restoration
 Oxidation Removal 
 Paint transfer removal 
 Dog hair removal 
 Taillight tinting
 Wet sanding 
 Vehicle restyling ( wrapping)
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3M Window Film



prices are subject to change

Estimated Service Times:

  • Car Window Tinting & Clear Bra times will vary
  • Trucks & SUV Window Tinting, Clear Bra & Detail Services times vary 


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty offered with most window films.            
  • warranties Do Not cover user faults.              
  • 10 year warranty for all paint protection film.
  • Find more details by contacting us.

additional charges may apply to certain vehicles  Lexus models,ford , Chevy, Volts Wagon, Corvette, Classic cars, Toyota, Exotic cars etc.

certain requirements apply for mobile services: such as electrical hook ups, water hook ups, and a garage to have duties performed for highest quality.