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3m Ceramic IR Series

Our Ceramic IR window film is the ultimate solution for superior infrared heat rejection, with an impressive rate of up to 95%, thanks to its cutting-edge absorptive-ceramic technology. It also provides high total solar energy rejection, ensuring maximum comfort. You can trust our product to never turn purple, and it comes with a comprehensive limited lifetime warranty.

3m Window Tint

If you're looking for a cost-effective window film that doesn't compromise on performance, Obsidian is the way to go. It has the ability to reject up to 60% of solar energy and block out 99% of harmful UV light, making it an ideal choice for any type of vehicle. Moreover, it's non-metalized, so you don't have to worry about any interference with your devices or GPS. With SPF 1000 and a comprehensive limited lifetime warranty, you can trust obsidian to keep your vehicles interior and your skin to be protected for years to come.

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